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The global maritime domain becomes increasingly important due to the growth in maritime trade and mounting pressures on the ocean and environment. The need for reliable and relevant marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN), environmental protection systems and maritime safety and security solutions is becoming increasingly crucial. Every coastal state and location has its own requirements and faces its own unique challenges.

M-NAV Solutions specializes in providing innovative, customized and relevant solutions to meet those challenges. We provide the full suite of products, services and solutions - from AtoN equipment and structures, power supplies, Vessel Traffic Services, coastal monitoring, oceanographic buoys, tsunami warning systems, oil spill equipment and integrated systems. M-NAV Solutions also offers auditing, compliance and advisory services to ensure systems and services are delivered to the appropriate standards. M-NAV Solutions is a remote area specialist and we operate globally - no location is too remote or extreme.

M-NAV Solutions is an Industrial Member of IALA and participates regularly within its committee structure and at international events. Marine Aids to Navigation Solutions from M-NAV Solutions - innovative, customized, integrated.

Products Offered

Marine Aids to Navigation Equipment

Tsunami Warning Systems

The threat of tsunami remains as one of the most worrisome natural disasters in many locations around the world today, especially in areas of high density populations in low lying coastal regions. M-NAV Solutions can design, supply, install and maintain the latest tsunami detection system technology which can provide an immediate warning for the appropriate response.

Oceanographic Buoys

Oceanographic Buoys are designed to carry several sensors to measure various environmental, meteorological and oceanographic factors that may be present in the marine environment. Buoys and sensors are manufactured to an extremely high quality providing a reliable and long operational life. A number of data transfer options are available depending on the location and available communications infrastructure. Contact us to discuss and we can design a system around your location and specific sensor requirements. Installation and maintenance services are available as an option.

Mooring Buoys

Whether you need a mooring for your pleasure boat, work boat or largest barge, M-NAV Solutions has a range of mooring buoys available up to 100 tonnes maximum mooring load. We also provide the design and supply of mooring systems and offer installation services if required.

Aviation Obstruction Lighting

M-NAV Solutions supplies a wide variety of ICAO and FFA approved obstruction light models and product options to suit many applications including buildings, communication and high-voltage power towers, chimneys, cooling towers, wind turbines and cranes. Models are available in single or dual fixtures, universal AC, universal DC and solar powered units. The self-contained solar power obstruction light units are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Cabling or additional hardware is not required, and intensity and flash patterns can be programmed into the obstruction lights or controlled externally by an optional Monitoring or Control Systems.

Oil Spill Equipment

Hydrocarbon spills in oceans and waterways are one of the largest risks to the environment today. M-NAV Solutions supplies a range of oil spill equipment including containment booms, mechanical skimmers, oil transfer pumps, dispersants and absorbents. We can advise you on the most cost-effective solution for your spill mitigation requirements..

AtoN Structures

M-NAV Solutions supplies towers to suit your requirements, whether they are constructed of GRP, galvanised or stainless steel. Contact us to discuss your tower needs and we can supply the most cost-effective solution to you. All towers come with a footing design and construction supervision services are available.

Piled AtoN

In shallower waters, piled AtoN have many advantages over buoys including longer operational life, greater resistance to damage, theft and vandalism and able to withstand extreme typhoon conditions. M-NAV Solutions have a number of piled AtoN designs available with the design criteria centred around minimising maintenance whilst maintaining simplicity for ease of installation. Installation and installation supervision services are also available to our clients.

Vessel Traffic Services (VTMS) and Port Management Software

In conjunction with our partner Vissim AS, we offer our clients high quality, IALA compliant, cost effective VTMS solutions that can include world-leading integrated Port Management Software. In addition, we specialise in the supply and installation of remote-site Coastal Monitoring Systems, from the basic to more complex, multi-senor systems.

Services Provided

Installation Services

M-NAV Solutions provides installation services for the full suite of products supplied. We are an IALA Industrial Member, with personnel on staff with decades of remote-site AtoN installation experience and full manufacturers support. Clients can be secure in the knowledge that all installation work is carried out professionally to worlds best practice. Whether it is a single lantern installation or the deployment of a complex tsunami warning system, M-NAV Solutions is a premiere AtoN specialist with global experience.

Maintenance Services

It has been proven that an effective maintenance program reduces outages and extends the life of AtoN infrastructure thereby reducing the need for future capital expenditure. We provide maintenance services for all the products we supply in addition to maintaining existing installations and entire AtoN networks. We can help assess your maintenance requirements and provide relevant and cost-effective solutions.

Compliance Audits

With IMO, IALA, ICAO and National and Regional Government rules and regulations constantly changing and with increased oversight and the costs associated with non-compliance and liability, it is imperative that Authorities, companies and individuals protect themselves by ensuring all infrastructure is compliant. This is especially important for aids to navigation, both marine and aviation, where accidents have the potential for loss of life, damaged infrastructure and environmental harm. M-NAV Solutions are the experts in compliance and can audit your aids to navigation network to assess shortcomings that may exist and identify the best solutions.

Site Assessments

Whether it is a new AtoN site, buoy installation or VTS site, M-NAV Solutions provides professional site assessment services. Clients receive comprehensive reports backed by photographs, aerial photography (via the use of a drone) and other specialist assessment techniques as required. Our site assessment services are underpinned by long-term experience in practical AtoN construction and installation work. Remote areas are our specialty and we have extensive experience in remote area assessments, construction and installations – we go anywhere, no area is too remote.


The requirements for appropriately trained and competent personnel is critical in the VTS scenario and is becoming increasingly important in the provision of AtoN services. M-NAV Solutions has an in-depth understanding of the regulations surrounding training and can advise on, and deliver, training to suit your requirements. With a certified Master of International AtoN Management full-time on staff, we can assess your training requirements and provide a cost-effective and tailored training solution.

AtoN Anti-Theft/Vandalism

With years of experience in installing and maintaining AtoN in remote areas with high levels of theft and vandalism, M-NAV Solutions has the expertise to assist you in mitigating these pressures through proven innovative physical deterrents and community engagement programs. As each location is unique, we work with you in formulating a comprehensive program to minimise outages and maximise the operational life of your AtoN infrastructure.

Project Management

M-NAV Solutions provides professional project management and supervision services for all project scopes, whether it be hands on project management or contract administration and planning. M-NAV personnel have a depth of experience in the marine engineering and construction industry and understand the challenges and difficulties of working in remote areas and locations. Every project is different and present different challenges – contact us to discuss your project management needs.

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