Key Partners

M-NAV Solutions has formed a number of strategic alliances with professional suppliers and service providers, in order support certain markets and enhance our suite of products and services.

MSM is a modern and innovative company, engaged in the design and manufacture of marine and waterways Aids to Navigation. In addition to the extensive standard catalogue of innovate and high-quality products, MSM also specialize in manufacturing custom-made equipment according to our customers’ requirements. Read more

Vissim’s technologies lie behind some of the world’s largest and most complex vessel traffic management and surveillance systems. Vissim is a highly innovative information technology company and, for more than thirty years, have provided essential capabilities to their customers to enable them to protect their offshore energy assets and maritime borders against threats at sea and to enhance the efficiency of their offshore and maritime operations. Read more

Based in Sydney and Virginia, DroneShield is a worldwide leader in drone detection and disruption technology. The Company has developed multilayered pre-eminent drone detection and disruption solutions that protect people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Read more

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