Project Description

AtoN Structures

At M-NAV Solutions, we understand the importance of the structure in the long-term performance and availability of any AtoN, that no one solution fits all requirements and choosing the right AtoN structure is as important as the choice of AtoN equipment itself.

AtoN are not only required in deep water and are used in numerous other locations and for numerous other purposes, both on land and in shallow water. These include shallow coastal waters, on reefs, headlands, points, offshore islands, and numerous other locations where installing and operating floating AtoN is not feasible.

We offer several high-quality, off-the-shelf AtoN structures, designed and manufactured from high quality materials for durability, long service life and performance. We can also assist in the design process for those locations where off-the-shelf solutions are not suitable and customisation is required.
Our structures can be fitted with any configuration of lanterns, beacons, power supplies and daymarks and several remote monitoring and control technologies can be integrated.

Multiple factors must be considered when selecting the most appropriate structure including location, site conditions, durability, construction costs, ongoing maintenance costs, navigational and conspicuity needs, height requirements and impact on the local environment.

At M-NAV Solutions, we can assist with the selection and design process for your AtoN structure, to ensure the structure is suitable and designed to maximise life span and minimise through-life costs. We offer the full range of these services, from site assessments and investigation, conceptual and detailed designs through to budgeting and on-site installation and supervisory services.

Structure Options

  • Posts in a number of different height configuration, fabricated from a variety of different material options – marine grade stainless steel, marine grade aluminium, hot-dipped galvanized steel together with a variety of protective coating systems.
  • Modular GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) towers up to 20 metres in height. These towers can be supplied in any IALA marking configuration.
  • Steel lattice towers in height configurations according to customers requirements. Steel towers can be fabricated from hot-dipped galvanised steel or marine grade stainless steel, together with a variety of protective coating systems. Platforms and access systems can be designed according to equipment loads and customer requirements.
  • Specialised Piled AtoN, which provide an effective and efficient option for shallow water AtoN structures, in water depths between 1 – 20 metres and have many advantages over buoys including a substantially longer operational life, greater resistance to damage and theft and able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. When professionally designed and installed, they provide a durable, long-term structural option with a service life of up to 30 years, even in extremely aggressive marine environments. They can be installed in most shallow water environments, regardless of depth, tide or swell and wave conditions. Piled AtoN generally consists of a steel pile, of variable diameter and height according to the site and range requirements, that is mechanically driven into the seabed.