Project Description

Marine Lanterns

At M-NAV Solutions, we understand the need for reliable Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and that each visual signalling requirement is different. We work closely with our AtoN manufacturing partner, Mediterraneo Senales Maritimes (MSM) to provide the full range of lantern, beaconing and visual signalling products.

We supply the full range of Marine Lanterns, from Self-Contained Lanterns, Standalone Lanterns, through to Sector Lights, Port Entry Lights (PELs) and Range Lighting systems for Ports.

All lanterns we supply are designed by our manufacturing partner MSM in compliance with IALA Standards and are manufactured from the highest quality components for performance in the toughest marine environments.

At M-NAV Solutions, we can assist with the selection and design process, including site assessments, range calculations, power supply design and customisation for any specific challenges that may exist. We also provide professional installation services to ensure your marine AtoN is installed correctly and maintenance services to ensure the life span of your assets are maximised.

Our range of lanterns can be supplied with AIS AtoN, GPS synchronisation, theft deterrent devices and a number of remote monitoring options. We are also a factory authorised service and repair agent – we service what we sell.

Lantern Types

  • All nominal range requirements, from 1 to 31 nautical miles (nm).
  • Wide divergence ranging from 2° to 30°.
  • Self-Contained Lanterns with integrated power supplies.
  • Standalone Lanterns with external power supplies.
  • Rotating Beacons.
  • Lanterns for Port applications – Sector Lights, Port Entry Lights, Range Lights, Leading Lights.
  • Optic and Lighting Systems for Lighthouses.
  • Customised Lantern designs.

High Quality Materials and Robust Designs

  • Designed for long service life.
  • Materials used include fibreglass polyamide, marine grade aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Optical elements – UV-stabilized methacrylete protected by impact-resistant acrylic lens covers.
  • High quality electronic components and power supplies.
  • Compliant to vibration and shock resistance standards and designed to prevent water ingress and condensation.
  • User-friendly remote-control options.


  • AIS AtoN.
  • Remote Monitoring by AIS, GSM, UHF and Satellite.
  • Remote control and system management.
  • GPS Synchronisation.
  • Anti-theft cages and devices.