Project Description

Oceanographic Monitoring Systems

Oceanographic data plays a key role in the management of navigational safety, protection of coastal communities and preservation of the marine environment.

The use of instrumented buoys or coastal stations acquiring data and transmitting it to a PC or Server with software installed, capable of managing, analysing and displaying that data, can be used for numerous purposes including:

  • The provision of oceanographic data for the purpose of safe navigation.
  • Current weather status and forecasting.
  • The monitoring of the environmental impacts of offshore installations.
  • Tsunami and disaster warning for coastal communities.
  • Monitoring of water quality adjacent to onshore installations such as power stations and refineries.
  • Monitoring of the water quality in and around outfalls including sewage, stormwater or leading from commercial operations.
  • Oceanic modelling and the development of a scientific understanding of our water-dominated planet.

In partnership with our design and manufacturing partner MSM, we offer a number of advanced, tailorable solutions for the monitoring, acquisition and interpretation of oceanographic data that can be customised to suit any requirement. Solutions include:

  • Oceanographic buoys that integrate any meteorological and oceanographic sensors and are configured to transmit that data to a monitoring and management system.
  • Shore stations integrating the most advanced oceanographic and meteorological sensors for integration into port and coastal management systems.
  • Tsunami Warning and Early Detection Systems for the detection of tsunami events. This advanced system detects a tsunami event, processes the data and sends the information to a Control Centre, where the alert will be automatically generated in less than 60 seconds.
  • Wide range of Sensors – meteorological, environmental and oceanographic.
  • Professional Dataloggers for the capture, storage, transmission and management of data.
  • Software designed for communications between the monitoring centre and the datalogger, for the management, processing and display of information.
  • Communication options – GPRS/GSM, Radio, Satellite, IP Broadband, optic fibre and AIS AtoN.
  • Professional design services.