Our Products

Marine Lanterns

At M-NAV Solutions, we understand the need for reliable Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and that each visual signalling requirement is different. We work closely with our AtoN manufacturing partner, Mediterraneo Senales Maritimes (MSM) to provide the full range of lantern, beaconing and visual signalling products. Read more


At M-NAV Solutions, we understand the importance of floating AtoN and the need for reliability and performance in often very harsh marine environments. We also understand that performance is related to the correct selection of the buoy type and design of the mooring system. Read more

AtoN Structures

At M-NAV Solutions, we understand the importance of the structure in the long-term performance and availability of any AtoN, that no one solution fits all requirements and choosing the right AtoN structure is as important as the choice of AtoN equipment itself. Read more

Vessel Traffic Services

At M-NAV Solutions, we recognise the need that many clients have for the surveillance and management of vessel traffic within their Ports and Coastal waters. Read more

Offshore Wind

M-NAV Solutions offers innovative, integrated solutions for the offshore wind sector, with a focus on mitigating marine risk across the whole spectrum of offshore wind – from construction and development through to operations. These solutions range from marine coordination and surveillance systems, obstruction and structure lighting through to Marine Aids to Navigation to ensure the safety of assets and shipping within and adjacent to offshore installations. Read more

Maritime Surveillance & Coastal Monitoring

At M-NAV Solutions, we recognize the need that many Coastal States and Clients have for the surveillance and management of vessel traffic within their Coastal Waters or areas of operation. Read more

Oceanographic Monitoring Systems

Oceanographic data plays a key role in the management of navigational safety, protection of coastal communities and preservation of the marine environment. Read more

Tsunami Warning Systems

In partnership with our manufacturing partner MSM, we offer a complete and Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System using proven technology. The system utilises a specialist deep water buoy and mooring system with an integrated pressure sensor and data transmission system that detects pressure changes on the ocean floor, transmitting warnings to a dedicated control centre, allowing for automatic alerts. Read more