Our Services


At M-NAV Solutions, we provide installation services for the full suite of products we supply and for any AtoN projects you may have where specialist input or supervision is required. Read more

Site & Needs Assessments

The long-term viability and reliability of any AtoN is dependent on the choice of equipment, a range of site condition variables and the suitability of the structure and method of installation and/or construction. Consideration of all these factors is critical in the front-end selection and design phases for any AtoN to be installed. Read more


One of the primary requirements of AtoN is that they are reliable – they must operate as regularly as the vessels that use them. IALA classify this reliability as ‘Availability’, which it defines as ‘the probability that an AtoN or system of AtoN, as defined by the Competent Authority, is performing its specified function at any randomly chosen time. This is expressed as a percentage of total time that an AtoN, or system of AtoN, should be performing their specified function’. Read more

Compliance Auditing

M-NAV Solutions are Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) specialists and are cognisant on the various regulations that apply to the operation of AtoN. Read more


The requirement for appropriately trained and competent personnel is critical in the VTS scenario and in the provision of AtoN services. Read more

Project Management

M-NAV Solutions provides professional project management and supervision services for all project scopes, whether it be hands on project management or contract administration and planning. Read more

Anti Theft and Community Engagement

With years of experience in installing and maintaining AtoN in remote areas with high levels of theft and vandalism, M-NAV Solutions has the expertise to assist you in mitigating these pressures through proven innovative physical deterrents and community engagement programs. Read more